Ophthalmic solution

KERADROP® is indicated for the symptomatic treatment (itching, foreign body sensation, redness) in inflammatory conditions of the ocular surface, such as ocular discomfort, blepharitis and conjunctivitis syndrome, in both adults and children.


  • KERADROP® also contains a specific heat-sensitive copolymer which, by coming into contact with the surface of the eye and forming a gel, is able to provide long-term hydration and a lubricating effect.
  • KERADROP® is a medical device composed of Glycyrrhizine with phlogolytic activity (capable of inhibiting the evolutionary process of phlogosis).
  • KERADROP® contains a new preservation system, which keeps the solution sterile and transforms into oxygen, water and sodium chloride as soon as it comes into contact with the surface of the eye. These substances, naturally present in tears, do not irritate the ocular mucosa.
  • KERADROP® is therefore preservative-free in the eye.